Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Power of Digital StoryTelling as Professional Development

Lately my blog entries have been references to other remarkable material I have learned from on the Web. This entry is in that vein as well, as this is a truly inspiring, compelling presentation that I highly recommend viewing.
Karl Fisch's blog included an entry about his frustration with traditional professional development as the new school year begins and his desire to try something new in light of a "visionary" perspective. The resulting PowerPoint Presentation, "Did You Know?" is actually a short but powerful film composed entirely of text and audio. It is an excellent production with "The World is Flat" influences. As he states in his blog, download both the presentation and the audio for full effect.

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Karl Fisch said...

So much good stuff out there, so little time. Thanks for the kind words, but please remember I just "remixed" the material - material I also found on the web (or at sessions at NECC). I also wanted to let you know that I posted a slightly updated version of the presentation on The Fischbowl, as well as a list of my sources.